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  2017-06-07 (Shanghai daily interview)Top-flight Japanese firm opens new
Take a pleasant walk in a top department store in downtown, do some shopping and step into an open, c ... MORE >>
  2017-06-07 TSK dental won the Shanghai Daily Award "best hospital" awar
In November 20, 2014,ShanghaiTSK dentalinShanghaiDailyorganized the 2014iDEALShanghaireaderpublicvote ... MORE >>
  2017-06-07 TSK Dental-Takashimaya clinic opened
TSK Dental-Takashimayaclinicopened, Takashimayaclinicslocated in Hongqiaoroad andHongbaoshi roadGubei ... MORE >>
  2017-06-07 TSK President won the top ten outstanding management award
In November 14,2013,by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Shanghai Asso ... MORE >>
  2017-06-07 TSK dental board chairman and president Chen Yude The inter
To provide patients withtreatment ofpeace of mind,security,this isTSK dentalemphasizesmedicalbusiness ... MORE >>
  2017-06-07 TSK Dental was elected the first Chinese non-public
In August 17, 2014, the association of non-public medical institutions Chinese first Congress and the ... MORE >>
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