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(Shanghai daily interview)Top-flight Japanese firm opens new
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Take a pleasant walk in a top department store in downtown, do some shopping and step into an open, chic dental clinic with a lovely children’s corner. Reception girls greet you with a smile in Chinese, English or Japanese and get to know your need in a private consulting room. Then you will see a Japanese doctor, who picks up disposable gloves made in Germany while light music plays in your ears and a panoramic view of a huge park greets your eyes in a VIP consulting room. It’s the experience a new TSK Dental Clinic brings you in the central Gubei area of Shanghai.

“We have provided service for over 400,000 patients in 11 clinics in China in the past 13 years, and the number of patients increases at 20 percent annually,” said Chen Yude, chairman of Shanghai TSK Investment Consultation Co. “More and more Chinese consumers choose our service as they want to enjoy better teeth-care service, especially those returning from overseas.”

About half of their clients are foreigners, and over 80 percent of them got to know TSK Dental Clinic by word of mouth, according to Chen.

The dental chain has seven clinics across Shanghai, two in Suzhou and one in Wuxi in neighboring Jiangsu Province and one in Xiamen of southeastern China’s Fujian Province. The new TSK Dental Clinic opened on the fifth floor of a high-end Japanese department store, Shanghai Takashimaya, on November 28.

The clinic has two consulting rooms for kids, two VIP rooms and one top-class operating room, all private and spacious, and a team of three professional dentists from Japan led by Dr Toshio Ishizuka. The clinic also has an area just beside the reception desk for kids to watch cartoons, read books and play so that their parents can focus on their treatment and relax. English, Japanese and Chinese are the working languages.

Every year TSK sends staff members to Taiwan University to learn from famous Confucian master Huang Chunchieh, chairman of the university’s Art & Literature College.

“We have managed to establish a brand and found a way to combine foreign expertise and local situation,” Chen said. “We not only train staff on their dental skills and techniques, but pay close attention to their psychology and spiritual development as well.”

Every month TSK holds a technical seminar on a specific medical topic, and every week the clinics carry out case study and discussion to improve techniques. Every year the group holds TQC (total quality control) seminars at five-star hotels to improve overall service and performance.

“Our goal is to provide satisfactory service for each of our clients,” Chen said. “We have high-quality dentists, considerate nurses and management, and we keep improving every day in order to provide better service.”

As responsible community members, TSK dentists and nurses visit dozens of international schools around Shanghai to offer free checks and lectures on dental health care.

TSK’s Hongqiao clinic has won an “excellent clinic award” from the Changning District government in the past five years. It was the first clinic TSK established in China 13 years ago.

The company won a “top 10 outstanding management award” last year, and it’s the only clinic group to win the esteemed award from the Shanghai Social Medical Institution Association.

All other winners are comprehensive health-care groups.

In 1981, Dr Hiroshi Matsumura, founder of TSK Dental Group, set up the first TSK Dental Clinic in Niigata Japan. Now, 38 high-quality dental clinics and six dental labs have been established all over the world, and TSK Dental Group has become the biggest international dental group in Japan.

Since its foundation in 1981, TSK has been strongly committed to pursuing patient-oriented dentistry. TSK operates in three countries worldwide, employs approximately 2,500 people and serves over 1 million patients a year in Japan, China and USA.

The benefits TSK offers to customers include: safe and secure treatments, satisfaction of patients’ dignity, comfortable environment, convenience, fairness and transparency and reasonable pricing. As one of Japan’s top dental organizations, the TSK Group strives to view all facets of dental treatment from the patient’s point of view.

Each of the company’s three sections — the clinics, World Lab Inc (dental laboratory division), and General Staff Inc (management division) — focuses on its own specialized field while cooperating together as a team to provide top-of-the-line dentistry services that respond to each patient’s specific needs.

The dental care cost in TSK can be covered by insurance policies of MSH, Prestige, Medlink-Global, Allianz, Cigna, AIG, ERV China, Ping’an, Cseth Health Care, Well Be, FESCO, Essential Healthcare, CIGNA-CMB, Europe assistance, Euro-Center, Bupa Consulting, SOS International, Assistance Online, GM-MidCare, AXA Assistance (PPP), MetLife, Assist Card and UnitedHealth Care. It aims to offer professional dental care for people in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Chen Yude offers two tips for Shanghai Daily readers:

1. Get a professional teeth cleaning twice a year and get small problems fixed in a timely manner.

2. Use wax line, interdental brush and water flosser in addition to toothbrush in daily care.

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