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TSK dental won the Shanghai Daily Award "best hospital" awar
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In November 20, 2014, Shanghai TSK dental in "Shanghai Daily" organized the "2014iDEALShanghai" reader public vote to stand out, won the "best hospitals" award, becoming the only one oral medical institutions in the city to receive this honor. The prize presentation ceremony was held at the Shanghai concert hall, Shanghai TSK dental Chairman Mr. Chen Yude, vice chairman of miss Li Yuan representative TSK dental award and an interview. 
This selection has received extensive attention of the society, the Shanghai many well-known enterprises and excellent medical agencies are involved in the selection of activities, as the international dental medical group TSK dental to the internationalization of the management mechanism, professional technical ability, innovation of enterprise culture construction, good medical ethics fashion resulting in numerous outstanding enterprises talent showing itself, won the "best medical institutions" award, this is the public media and the public to TSK dental for many years the "medical people-oriented" medical philosophy and medical technology and high quality service standards of recognition and affirmation.
 Outstanding management mechanisms
Germany really will actively promote the 5S management, from five aspects, rectify, finishing cleaning, cleaning and quality, strict requirements and specifications of the daily work of the company. The company has also established a full-time departments, various aspects of every clinic 5Simplementation, the quality of medical records and disinfection management, financial management of regular training and supervision and inspection, the formation of combined with clinic self-examination, the company inspector management system, achieve the standard management and consistency.
Professional technical ability
Shanghai TSK dental has gathered the domestic and foreign outstanding medical personnel, the use of "Four Hands" operation, the implementation of disinfection and strict norms, can carry out cosmetic repair, correction of specialist, pediatric dentistry, transoral specialist, planting specialty, oral and maxillofacial surgery, including full mouth planting (All-on-4), maxillary sinus lift, missing teeth immediate cropping of high difficulty operation.
The clinic is provided with elegant and comfortable, different styles of independent consulting room, for patients to provide secure, safe and optimal treatment program.
The innovation of enterprise culture
TSK attaches great importance to the innovation of enterprise culture building and management, to put money into service promotion, employee training and management system of continuous improvement, promotion etc..Employ well-known experts at home and abroad, provide training and guidance in technology, management; airline, hired five full-time trainer for Stars Hotel TSK staff training service and reception etiquette; hold regular dental implant, orthodontic and difficult cases workshop, improving medical quality improvement; regularly send staff to learn technology and the advanced foreign management overseas; hold all staff to participate in the annual TQC conference, share technology improved results for; recently, also invited the president of the National Taiwan University professor Huang Junjie Humanities Institute launched a series of lectures on Chinese traditional culture, Confucian classics for employees within the enterprise, create a cultural atmosphere.