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TSK Dental-Takashimaya clinic opened
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TSK Dental-Takashimaya clinic opened, Takashimaya clinics located in Hongqiao road and Hongbaoshi road Gubei international Fortune Center, is a building with high-grade commercial, five Stars Hotel and shopping center is one of the super 5A grade a intelligent business building, convenient transportation (Metro Line 10 Yili Road No. 3 exit into), covers an area of nearly 1000 square meters. TSK dental Takashimaya clinics set treatment, repair, regeneration, health care in one of high quality, satisfy the people demand for oral health care. In today's society, the pursuit of high quality is already a trend, so that health also toward to the upper development, high-quality health is a kind of fashion, a kind of popular, but also is a kind of life attitude.

Art style more noble
Elegant quiet reception hall, fashion leisure Cofffee bar, romantic warmth soft background music, light green flowers and bonsai plants, private quiet independent consulting room, fully showing the noble temperament natural warmth, implicit. By designing elegant, static main element, make the person completely in a completely relaxed art hall, as if to each guest to the interpretation of its luxury and dignity.

Advanced equipment, high-quality service times enjoy honourable
TSK dental attention to medical equipment investment, all consulting room are configured Germany Sirona chair, Sirona three-dimensional image diagnosis system and X-ray imaging equipment in the mouth. In addition, the introduction of advanced equipment of oral medical equipment are developed countries as Germany, Switzerland, the United States and other, let all guests enjoy the treatment of oral medical service quality.