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TSK dental board chairman and president Chen Yude The inter
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To provide patients with treatment of peace of mind, security, this is TSK dental emphasizes medical business philosophy. In the course of treatment in patients with daily, sometimes some unsatisfactory, encounter this kind of situation, each TSK clinic manager, director of doctor will immediately come forward to the coordination, help, until the patient satisfaction. The patient has been respected, so will trust doctors and clinics. Chen Yude often told the doctor said, he is not afraid of clinic patients with only one day, as long as the intention to good service, let him feel the treatment with the intention of our sincere service, will come very naturally conceived the patient group. "Many of our doctors will buy myself some small adhesive paper, gadgets, when there is little friends to see teeth, he rewarded them, try to create a relaxed atmosphere."More than 10 years, Germany will really never happened with the medical accident or major medical dispute.
5S clinic management system of import of Japanese Enterprises
The earlier work in Japan and the study of oral medical group's largest, make Chen Yude like sponge to absorb a large number of international advanced medical management idea, after running in, choice, take appropriate China management system retained. Japanese enterprise 5S management is one that he tasted the sweetness of a system. 5S is the abbreviation of five Japanese words, finishing, rectify, refers to cleaning, cleaning and literacy. Consolidation is to distinguish between essential and non essentials, non necessity not placed on site, will the chaos of the pack into the state in order; rectification is to find things in 30 seconds; cleaning is the post remains in no garbage, no dust, clean and tidy condition; clean finishing, rectify, cleaning will be carried through to the end, and institutionalized, literacy refers to the appearance, the instrument and the staff's comprehensive quality requirements.
From the purchase of cleaning agent, send aunt five Stars Hotel special training in ironing (TSK medical staff and administrative personnel have uniform),every morning will be ready to medical equipment, day patients required records preview etc. these details every day to prepare carefully, preview, Chen Yu de believe, detail decides success or failure, 5S system let the clinic daily operation can be arranged in good order, avoid uncontrollable things happen, and can better serve the good of every patients.
The establishment of enterprise culture of respect and sense of achievement
The training is It is quite common for in any one company, but to the staff to provide the human aspects of the training is seldom heard. Chen Yude followed professor Huang Junjie Dean of the Institute for advanced study in the humanities of National Taiwan University to study for several years China traditional Confucian culture, think he is a person to learn the traditional culture is too extravagant, should share them with dezhenhui employees. "If we compared withMicrosoft, enterprise scale is too not worth mentioning, but no matter how large enterprises or small enterprises, or individuals, must have lofty aspirations. Or boss, employee or, when you put the heart threw himself, after decades of life with the enterprise together, then you will get a lot of money, not only, more important is to respect, sense of achievement, such as hand foot brotherhood of humanity positive things between colleagues." The speech, Mr. Chen introduced me to the side of the deputy president is the first day of the clinic opened on the working party, deputy 
 president of the company more than ten years, planning to do small Qiu is eight years of the "veterans".
Is the specialist rather than the expert
Most of the time, the patient's teeth problems are just filling, repair, fill a tooth like cold, is not high to the doctor technology content. "We must not to 'experts' itself, even if some of our doctors from Switzerland, Japan and the Taiwan, Hongkong area Chinese oral experts, but we like to say we are' specialist'." Mr. Chen explained: "patients have much to the doctor's sense of trust is not derived from the doctor's background, but depends on how much he is responsible for, how much he can give help, for he can solve the pain."
In TSK dental, average every doctor every day to see a dozen patients, according to the different oral problems, each patient at the time of 30-60minutes. There is an unwritten rule, in addition to cure patients most in need of treatment of teeth, the doctor had to give patients a comprehensive oral examination, let him understand their dental status, "no overall plan for a fundamental transformation" is not feasible in Germany will really, for patients want to continue treatment it is the patient's right. In addition, a working guide patients how to brush is also a doctor will do.
The reporter impression
Through visiting the clinic, the reporter felt TSK dental unique elegant culture style and business intentions. Sitting in the clinic and warm environment, no living in traditional hospital as nervous, staff courtesy of reception, work orderly, I believe many of the guests are very fond of this point.
Since the 2001 TSK dental since its establishment in Shanghai, so far in Shanghai and the surrounding area has nine clinics and a dental laboratory. 10 years into the advertising expense accounts for the turnover ratio less than 1%,and more than 80% new patients is introduced, by patients family members, neighbors, colleagues, classmates and so on word-of-mouth to guests.
30 years of reform and opening up, Shanghai has been a international metropolis with each passing day. In oral medical field has attracted international famous doctors, the most advanced concepts and technology, innovative service mode, there are various kinds of funds and the continuous influx of Shanghai, are forming a medical brand, technology, high-end service competition "the Olympic games". In this rapid development, change in the German people, really will keep pace with the times, with their good service for each patient's philosophy and the spirit of continuous learning, to the brand is more strong, more international.