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TSK President won the top ten outstanding management award
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In November 14,2013,by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Shanghai Association for Non-Government Medical Institutions such as the composition of the expert panel of judges selected the “Shanghai city community medical institutions the first top ten outstanding managers”, TSK dental president Chen yude become one of the award of the managers, and the only winner private oral health care industry.
Chen Yude working abroad, study for many years, in 1999 went to Japan, the systematic study of the foreign advanced dental clinic management concept and management mode, and will “TSK dental”brand into China, successively in Shanghai、 Suzhou and Wuxi opened 9 high-end dental clinics and 1 dental laboratory.
TSK dental attaches great importance to staff training, the innovation often terprise culture construction and management. Hired renowned experts at home and abroad, training from the technology,service,management and other aspects; gularly send staff to participate in international academic exchanges and study abroad; hold all staff in the TQC integrated quality management conference every year, in order to communicate, share the improved technology and service results; in recent years is to invite the president of the National Taiwan University professor Huang Junjie humanistic College Ancient Chinese Literature Search and Confucianism a series of training, improve the enterprise spirit of humanity. Facing the characteristics and difficulties in clinic chain management, set up a special department, carry out all aspects of medical records, disinfection, 5s, service etiquette of the clinic’s regular training and examination, the implementation of standardized management measures.
TSK dental efforts to obtain social and accepted by patients, opened in the past twelve years, the number of patients with the steady promotion, also get a lot of praise. Chen yude firmly believe that: only to improve the internal, to from a good reputation, to gain a firm foothold in the fierce competition in the market.